Designing Play Areas For Your Nursery

A properly structured play area is a vital part of any school, but it’s especially important for the growth of preschoolers. As adults we may see it as kids simply having a good time, but in reality the children are actually learning at the same time. Hence, it is the responsibility of each school to create a stimulating yet safe environment for children to play.

All nurseries in Dubai must have a play area indoors as well as outdoors. An indoor play area will be useful to let the children have a good time as well as to teach them numbers, letters and the like through play. It is also useful when the weather is bad. An outdoor area is important to let the children connect with the environment. They need to play with sand and grass and mud for their growth. Providing an outdoor play area should be a priority, because children nowadays have far less opportunities to enjoy playing in open areas due to risks associated with increased traffic and the construction of buildings in almost every available open space.

Should provide challenges with manageable risks

Above all a play area should be safe for children to play. However, having a totally safe playground in your nursery school in Abu Dhabi will not stimulate the young mind and body as it should.

A play area should provide the children with opportunities to run and climb and hang on bars. These promote muscle development and also allow them to challenge themselves. Children love to take risks, so they will repeatedly try to accomplish a task or try something new. An occasional graze or bruise or bump in the head is the only way they will learn to calculate the risks they take. Thus, if the risk is manageable the kids should be given the freedom to test their limits.

Give opportunities to mingle with other children

A few activities such as going on swings, see-saws, and merry-go-rounds will ensure that at least two kids will have to coordinate. These will help understand the concepts of sharing and taking turns, working together, compromising and thus lay the foundation for a cooperative and considerate adult.

Disabled children

The playground must have to facilities to help disabled children play. Depending on their disability, they too need exercise and exposure. It also gives an opportunity for disabled children to mingle with fully functional children. This would help them make healthy relationships with each other and teach them to care for another. Instilling these values in kids will have an impact on their adult lives too.

Allow to connect with nature

Being with nature has a soothing effect children as well as adults. So incorporating boulders, trees, logs, a pond and maybe a rabbit will give and opportunity for kids to enjoy wildlife as well as to create toys and games from the naturally available resources.

Although many of us would not have realised it the purpose of a playground is to help the child develop the skills that we cannot learn from books. Other than the obvious fun and exercise it facilitates, it helps every individual develop healthy interpersonal skills from a very young age.