Hacks To Keeping Track Of Your Luggage

Travelling is something we do for business purposes as well as for leisure. While it is fun and exciting to go on trips broad, with it comes the added hassle of packing and managing your luggage at the airport and on the plane. Unlike in the past, there are a lot more option available now with regard to keeping track of parcels and luggage to reduce the work load on the employees and staff at the airport and airlines as well as to make it easier for the passenger in reclaiming it back once at the destination. Enough and more of us have lost luggage in foreign airports, and sometimes, even when no one appears to know where to direct you thereafter or even speak a common language. Here are a few hacks, both modern and traditionally used to keeping track of your luggage when flying overseas.
The Modern way
Obviously, this uses a lot of technology. However, most of these techniques have been made easier and a lot more user friendly than what it used to be. For example, the RFID tags.
Which are commonly used in grocery stores and supermarkets in a system called rfid asset tracking, are being commonly used by airports to keep track of luggage by giving each a code which can be electronically monitored. Similar to a grocery store, an airport has a large number of bags coming in. This form of electronic system helps keep everything in track, and in some cases, even connects to your mobile phone and allows you to keep track of your bag and its location as an added application.
The Traditional
In the olden days when technology was not so advanced, our parents found various little hacks to keeping our belongings safe. One such is the tiny locks which were put on the zips when travelling abroad. Although modern suitcases come with an inbuilt lock system, there are still others who feel safer with a padlock in place and the key in their pocket. A common hack many use is tying a colored ribbon on the handle of the bag so that at immediate glance, one knows that it is your bag and not anyone else’. This also makes it easier for it to not get mixed up with other similar bags and allows you to spot your bags and pick it out at a glance from the pile. This form of simple hacks can be modified with rubber bands, neon bands or pasting similar stickers on each of your bags for easy identification.