Rekindling Romance In Your Life

After the first blush of attraction in a relationship, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of romance, even if you are both fully committed to each other. Work, life and a hundred other things may conspire to keep you from living the joy of the first few months of your relationship. Here are some things you can try to keep the spark alive:
Surprise Each Other
Try to surprise each other with small gifts from time to time. There is nothing more romantic than letting your partner know that he/she is constantly in your thoughts. Order flowers online on the reliable florist so that they will be delivered to your partner’s workplace on a random day and you can include a note to that effect; buy them something they admired in passing and surprise them at dinner; arrange something special on their birthdays and anniversaries to show how much effort you put into it. And don’t let this be a one off; make it a habit to do something thoughtful every few days. Remember, it is the small but sweet gestures that count – not always the big ones.
Lighten the Load
Being in a relationship means helping each other carry their loads and sometimes that involves taking over some of their tasks and helping them finish it. Offer to do the dishes even though you know it is their turn tonight; wash their car for them; iron a shirt or a dress they meant to iron to save them some time. If you can check out an online flower shop Dubai to buy them flowers, then you can expend a little extra effort to make them smile after a long day. Ask them if they want to talk and genuinely listen if they do, or respectfully give them space if they don’t. Part of lightening each other’s loads is knowing when to lend a hand and when to back away.
Show Them Your Appreciation
Over time, we tend to fall into a rut of taking each other for granted. Our partners may do countless little or big things to make our lives easier yet we rarely stop to think about it, let alone thank them. Make it a habit to let them know that their efforts are not only noticed but appreciated. If your partner wakes up early every weekday to make breakfast for the two of you, get up a little earlier on the weekend so you can return the favour – and let them know why you did it. Even if your partner isn’t making any extra effort, vocalize your appreciation that they are still beside you. That’s romance.