Wedding Checklist To Ease Your Wedding Planning

Are you in need of help to get your wedding planning cracking? You’ve come to the right place. It’s essential to get the important parts of any wedding done and dusted before getting onto the smaller bits and pieces. Following is a checklist to ease your wedding planning.

Venue and date

First things first, amidst all the weddings during the season it is especially important to pick a date and venue together with your significant other. Booking the venue in advance secures the place so that you will not have to worry about it later on, particularly if it is a famous venue that tends to hold weddings all year around.


Next come the outfits, whether it is a custom made or store bought, getting your outfits sorted in advance will help you plan the rest of your wedding around them! Such as the colour, the theme, the wedding decorations Dubai and so on. It is also of utmost importance to pick your bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits once the couple’s outfits have been decided on which will smoothen preparations further once that’s been checked off your list.

Theme (if any)

Right after your outfits are finalized with, get right onto picking your theme (or you could switch the two steps, picking the theme prior to picking your outfits). Searching up on the internet or looking for inspiration in wedding magazines will give you and your S/O an idea of the available wedding themes, what’s in and trending or something completely out of the box depending on your taste. The bridal deco such as the flower arrangements, centerpieces and invitations rely heavily on your selected theme. The bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the groomsmen’s pocket squares all depend on your theme and colour scheme.


Afterwards comes the most vital part of any marriage, the food. Whether you decide to go with pizzas or a full on three/four course meal, get your catering sorted early. You can always go tasting, go through the menus and visit the caterers you have in mind. Make sure they are flexible when it comes to setting the menu that you want and are open when to new ideas, including the food items that you want. What would the entrée be and what dessert will you finish off the meal with? Read reviews online before you pick a caterer of your choice, as that gives you essence of how it is working with them.


Once the invitations have been handed out and the last dress rehearsal dusted and done with, it all comes down to finally confirming and reminding the caterers, the florist in Dubai, the DJ and checking up on those giving speeches. This should be ideally done at least a weak prior to your big day, in order to avoid any hurdles along the way. The tips above will give you an idea of what to include on your checklist and to not forget the most essential part to any marriage ceremony!